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Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss
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The Felig Chronicles
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Reality, Dreams and Nightmares
Fillies and Females
A Breach of Promise
Bound By Pleasure: Live on Stage
Keep Me Safe
Demons and Angels
Winter Warmer - A (Getting) Biblical Tale
Shrouded in Darkness
Valentine Submission
Blood Rage

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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Dear Diary,

I just read a review on amazon to decide if I want to buy the book, but I think some reviewers are so harsh. They review books harshly like they are searching for the next president.I think people can be way too harsh when reviewing. I detest when they complain about something that isn't relevant to the book and decides to give it a low rating and review but not really reviewing it for it's story. I like to base a review on the story,the chemistry and overall emotion I get. Silly but it works for me. If I don't really like a book and really rate it low, I feel soooooooo bad doing it. I know how hard authors work and I don't like hurting someone when they put their all into their work. But I think I'm fair in my ratings.

1 star means I really don't like it of course.
2 stars means I didn't care for it but a few tweaks could be a lot better.
3 stars mean I like it but I'm split in the middle with certain things. But still readable.
4 stars means I enjoyed it very much.
5 stars means it's excellent and it's a keeper for collection.
1/2 star with any of the ratings means I'm leaning strongly to the next rating number.

I always say when it comes to rating books, different strokes for different folks. It has to take a lot for me not to like a book even when there are so many negative reviews attached to it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Books to read 6/29/2011

Dear Diary,

Looking forward to some reading. A few books came out and were out, so I got a bit of different genre to read. Not in any particular order below.

Julia Templeton
Ashlynn Monroe
Robin Badillo
Shaina Richmond
Gabrielle Bisset
Anna Black
And others that I haven't listed here.

Cheers, and heres to my eyes going on over load.