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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How long do you believe is acceptable, when waiting for the next book in a series?

Dear Diary,

I took part in a poll regarding the waiting period of a series next book. I will post  replies. The replies will be under unknown.

6-12 months
  18 votes, 41.9%

1 year
  9 votes, 20.9%

* 2-6 months
  7 votes, 16.3%

However long it takes to write the book
  7 votes, 16.3%

Although I would like them quicker, 6-12 months is acceptable.

Waiting is hard for me, especially if there's a cliffhanger. So I would say 6-12 months normally. But I know some authors don't write as fast as others and there's a lot of research involved sometimes. I would rather wait a little longer and have a great next installment than to get it fast and have a not-so-great next installment.

I voted 6-12 because I don't mind waiting that long to get the next story. I am trying to make sure my books are out about ever 5-6 months.

 I would say 6-12 months because you don't want it to be too long that your readers forget about the story and move on to another series instead.

I totally agree with the six to twelve months, despite how hard it is to get a book written in that time. As a writer working on a series, I have the first two books already written and am writing the third while editing the second as an agent is finding me a publisher for the first. It is all about commitment. If it is the last or towards the end of a series, I am a little more patient, especially if the others were released within six months of each other, because the publishers clearly plowed through to monopolize on the success!

UNKNOWN 6 - My response
The shorter the period the better. The longer I wait for it the quicker my interest dwindle.

  While I would not want a rushed book that would lessen the quality of the work, I think a certain period of 6 to 7 months is acceptable.
A reader tends to get impatient. Long periods can make a reader lose interest depending on the series. If the next book in the series takes longer more than a year, then it forces that reader to read the prior books to play catch up, which can become annoying because you want to dive right into read the next installment.  Also a true fan can wait a little longer.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dear Diary,

 Hot Vampire Kiss (Vampire Wardens book1) by 
Lisa Renee Jones 
A brief Video Review .

A virus has led to werewolves killing innocent young women in Temple, Texas. Evan and his two brothers, Aiden and Troy, are sent to investigate and catch the werewolf. Evan and his brothers answer to the council who keeps order amongst vampires, as well as remain hidden amongst humans, as humans believe them to be extinct. All three brothers are Wardens, vampires who hunt those who prey on humans. When the council got word of a werewolf killer, they sent Evan and his brothers to track the werewolf down.

While working at a bar on the lookout for information, Evan encounters Marissa, who he instantly feels an attraction to. Marissa is the key to the next victim attack. While trying to protect Marissa, she was bitten and became infected by the werewolf. Evan gave Marissa some of his blood so the virus of the werewolf will not infect her fully. Doing this Evan broke the council law, which is punishable by death; he bonded with a human. He needs to hunt down the werewolf and kill it before the next full moon as the virus will take over Marissa and she will become a killer werewolf. They also have to worry about the council and what they might do to Evan for bonding with Marissa.

This was an exciting read for me. When the book was close to the end, I kept looking at the book length progress of my ebook device hoping it would not finish, the story for me personally was that engaging. I loved that the author detailed the backdrop of the brothers' history in the product preview. This was helpful because the moment you started the book it dove right into the story. Evan for me was a sexy character; he is that vampire that has seen a lot throughout his hundred years of living, so at that moment when he saw Marissa he knew what he wanted. Marissa was a very shy but not so shy character. As the story progress, she became more out spoken dealing with the issues that she might become a wolf. The book says erotica not sure I would classify as that but their intimate scenes were still good and hot.

I was so excited that we got to meet Aiden and Troy, they are just a bundle of vampire hotness. Aiden seems like the mature one but Troy, Troy was the cranky and mysterious one that has accumulated issues from his past as described in the book. I do not want to give away too much on him, but Troy is also a little different from his other two brothers. Finally yet importantly Marcus, He is the warden in-charge and who saved the brothers when they were turn so long ago. I do not know what the author as planned for Marcus in the upcoming books for Aiden and Troy but I demand a story to be written about Marcus. He entered the story mid way through but he left an impact.

Storyline: GOOD
Intimacy: GOOD
Enjoyment: GOOD