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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How long do you believe is acceptable, when waiting for the next book in a series?

Dear Diary,

I took part in a poll regarding the waiting period of a series next book. I will post  replies. The replies will be under unknown.

6-12 months
  18 votes, 41.9%

1 year
  9 votes, 20.9%

* 2-6 months
  7 votes, 16.3%

However long it takes to write the book
  7 votes, 16.3%

Although I would like them quicker, 6-12 months is acceptable.

Waiting is hard for me, especially if there's a cliffhanger. So I would say 6-12 months normally. But I know some authors don't write as fast as others and there's a lot of research involved sometimes. I would rather wait a little longer and have a great next installment than to get it fast and have a not-so-great next installment.

I voted 6-12 because I don't mind waiting that long to get the next story. I am trying to make sure my books are out about ever 5-6 months.

 I would say 6-12 months because you don't want it to be too long that your readers forget about the story and move on to another series instead.

I totally agree with the six to twelve months, despite how hard it is to get a book written in that time. As a writer working on a series, I have the first two books already written and am writing the third while editing the second as an agent is finding me a publisher for the first. It is all about commitment. If it is the last or towards the end of a series, I am a little more patient, especially if the others were released within six months of each other, because the publishers clearly plowed through to monopolize on the success!

UNKNOWN 6 - My response
The shorter the period the better. The longer I wait for it the quicker my interest dwindle.

  While I would not want a rushed book that would lessen the quality of the work, I think a certain period of 6 to 7 months is acceptable.
A reader tends to get impatient. Long periods can make a reader lose interest depending on the series. If the next book in the series takes longer more than a year, then it forces that reader to read the prior books to play catch up, which can become annoying because you want to dive right into read the next installment.  Also a true fan can wait a little longer.


Anonymous said...

I'd say 6-12 months for both the author and the reader's sake. As a author I start to lose my momentum with my storyline if I wait too long and as a reader, I forget what the series was about.

Romance Novel Junkies said...

I'm agreeing as a reader though.

Kim said...

6-12 months is good. I usually re-read the last book in the series to give myself a refresher.

Valerie Douglas said...

Love this, sharing!

Romance Novel Junkies said...

@Valerie its great!