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Saturday, July 9, 2011

EROTICA BOOKS: What some readers are saying

Dear Diary,

Everyone is surely different when it comes to their romance novels. So, I was looking what I could find  about Erotica. I'm on the discussion board for one of the major online book outlets, under another user name of course, I never use my review name on the discussion board. I'm on here scoping out what some people are saying, as I always do. You do see what's in the reader's mind on what they want and have to say on discussion boards. I will post a couple not the whole thing.

I personally think it depends on your mood and how you feel. Sometimes I love my erotica short and to the point or long with a little plot. I think when you change it up a bit that's good. I also think short erotica in ebook formats, length of around 120KB are popular with readers looking for that quickie, of course at a low cost. Below I will post what some readers are saying, but will post without their names or user names of course.


It depends on what I'm in the mood to read, and sometimes on how long I have to read it. If I want a quick erotic read, I'll look for a shorter piece that gets straight to the action. Other times I want the emotional parts to be drawn out more. What I don't care for is a book that calls itself erotica but has maybe one sex scene you'd find in a slightly racy romance novel. If it's labeled erotica, it should have a lot of sexual tension even outside the sex scenes. Otherwise it's just a book with some sex in it.


I prefer a short plot with lots of action.


My favorite length (no pun intended) for a really hot erotic read is about a novella length. Reads less than 10,000 words are fine once in a while.


As a man, I want the forget-the-long-and-drawn-out-setup and give me the good stuff short story.

In my short stories, the characters meet, there's an obvious attraction to each other, they flirt and tease, and they find themselves naked and kissing every inch of each other in an unbridled sexual passion.


I like longer erotica, where I can build a rapport with the characters. I find this makes the sex more believable and intense, and also gives room for some sexual escalation which I find extremely erotic rather than getting everything at once.

READER#6: This was me
A sex scene is what makes an erotica book good, of course with a good plot. But if the plot is good and the sex falls flat then I'm not happy. They both have to balance each other out sex and the plot. I don't think some readers wants a sloppy plot that makes it seems as though the author is just eager to get the the sex. Also imagination is good by the author but nothing where the reader is rolling their eyes.I've seen enough of those.

excuse any  typo

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Wrote This review 1/10/2006 I Feel Sooooo Bad.

Dear Diary,

I wrote both these reviews for the above books on January 10, 2006. I was going over it and kind of felt bad. I always tried to get into Cassie Edward's books, but I never could. I feel bad but I still feel the same way and its a little funny, also excuse the writing back then.

REVIEW for Swift Horse 

After witnessing the murder of her parents at the hands of a one-eyed Indian warrior, Marsha Eveland swore she'd never forgive his people. But then her brother announces plans to marry Soft Wind, beautiful sister of the Creek chieftain Swift Horse. Now, even if she can accept her brother's betrayal, can Marsha come to terms with a new feeling she cannot deny-one that drives her into the arms of that same chieftain?

Let me be the first to review and rate this book and say I thought it was rushed as though the author had not met her deadline for this book. I felt like I was rushing through it like everything was going by and i missed what happen, example swift horse and Marsha did a little flirting but the first time that they actually had a conversation they are already saying I LOVE U! and then they are already talking about marriage and this isn't even the middle of the book yet. The book description states that she is angry for what the Indians did to her parents and feels betrayal from her brother wanting to marry an Indian, believe me she was far from angry. Her brother told her about the marriage and she had a hissy fit after that its like everything was happy go lucky "I'm so happy all the time except for seeing the man who killed my parents". BELIEVE ME THE ONLY THING THAT KEPT ME GOING WAS THE LITTLE ACTION IN THE BOOK that was for the 1 star and the love scene do not get me started on that it was like a love scene between an old couple, it was over quickly. WHAT IS GOING ON its like some pages where missing. This is my fist Cassie Edwards and my first Indian romance novel but i will not say it will be my last she has gotten some good reviews for her other books and will try the others. Maybe some one will think differently when they read this book or maybe its just me after reading the book description my expectation was too high and now my opinion is very low...

 REVIEW for Silver Feather

Book Description:
As a young girl in Mississippi, Diana Turner dreams of marrying her first love, a Choctaw Indian boy named Silver Feather whose family is enslaved by her stepfather. But when Silver Feather's parents are ruthlessly murdered,. She's forced to flee Dettro Manor to save his own life, breaking the young girl's heart.

I THOUGHT IT WAS OK, for me it was just too simple, i did try to like it really i did but for me I  just felt like the first Cassie Edwards i read SWIFT HORSE I  didn't like it . I thought the begin was ok until they found each other then its I love U, I've always loved you lets get married. Your saying after reading that line that that's how romance novels are suppose to be. NO they are not suppose to be like that like everything is always good between couples, they are suppose to have their highs and lows with each other and make you feel like your apart of their emotions or a better way of putting it make you feel like you have connected with them. I didn't feel like that reading this book, Its just too simple I try reading all of it but stopped at chapter 23 and skip to the ending because they pretty much already decided what they were going to do after seeing each other and i didn't want to finish , the action part of the book it made me not want to find out what happens maybe I'm not a true Cassie Edwards fan to appreciate her work. I was really looking forward to adding her to my collection of authors or maybe i just don't get her writing style

I can tell you this much, after the first one that i read my anticipation was LOW for this book so i wasn't really mad... maybe just maybe i will try to read something else of hers and the 3rd times the charm...

I didn't read anymore books after that review. Sorry Cassie Edwards. I'm glad other readers love your work and hope she is doing well.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What some readers think sometimes when looking at a reader's reviews

 Dear Diary,

This is my opinion and its what I and  some readers do. When we come across a book that is by an author we know and like, sometimes we automatically  buy the book and read it. Then we write and look at other readers' reviews and agree or disagree.

If it's a book by an author we don't know, there are no reviews and the preview for the book seems ok, we either  add the book to our wish list and wait till someone has an opinion or some of us will take a chance and buy the book. But let's be real, sometimes readers don't like doing that because they may feel like they wasted their money on a book they don't like  by someone they don't know and tends to may not want to try another book by the author but this is only sometimes.

If it's a book by an author we don't know and it has reviews, we tend to investigate the reviews to see what the reader is about. I know when I'm on Amazon or Goodreads and I'm thinking of buying a book from an author I don't know, I immediately go to the reviews. Of course I look at the negative and positive reviews.
***For the positives, I would click on the reviewer's (see all my reviews list). If I see that this person has a set amount of reviews which for me could be more than 10 or 20 reviews within the past couple of weeks then I will surely consider what they said.  Seeing this  I know I can trust their opinions on the book they are reviewing. This could also work for me for the negative reviews sometimes. But to make it be known when a person only has 3 reviews within the past months or year, no good the review seems fake.

***For the negative reviews, I try to not let that sway me a lot. I do do the same process as I would the positive reviews. When it comes to the negatives and I'm seeing constant negatives, I'm not able to trust that person. Why keep reading the same books over and over that is not to your liking just so you can  leave constant negativity.

I would say this to authors, which I'm no expert, just saying. When you do pick a reviewer to read your work, make sure that reader has a certain amount of reviews to be taken seriously. Readers don't just look at the 5 or 4 star reviews of that reviewer, they look at more. Also use someone that just doesn't use 2 or 3 sentences saying and writing I loved it and thought it was great! Sometimes you want to know why it was great. You would be surprise the difference reviews make in purchasing a book.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Costly Books and NO offence to any Authors.

Dear Diary,

I wanted to write today about some of the book cost that we the readers purchase. I know authors have to make their money and that's OK and I 100% support that. But after talking to a couple of the readers, the issue that we talk about a lot are the novellas. A reader/friend emailed me some days ago  and said, "I saw a book that's a novella that I want to really read, it says the length is 38KB and the cost is $3.99."  That reader told me she isn't buying it.

From a reader's perspective most of us won't buy a novella with such huge cost, if the length isn't worth the money. Not in this economy anyway. We want to enjoy the books and keep buying them but we also don't want to feel that we aren't getting our money's worth.

I know authors read other books as well as write, but from a reader's point of view who doesn't write and just reads that's how we think. We could also shop around for the deals but some readers wouldn't know where to look or they may not know they can look on the publishing website that published the book.

I do notice some authors put there  books on the free list, some for a couple of weeks others a couple of days. Once they do that to get the readers reviews and buzz they go back to selling the books at regular cost. I think that works but gosh when an author puts their books on the free list the reviewers can be brutal. Readers shop for deals but on amazon we tend to go for the 0.99 cent books, who wouldn't.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rumble Tumble by Dolly Paxton EROTICA

Rumble Tumble (an erotic/erotica romance)

Dear Diary,

Rumble Tumble by Dolly Paxton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very cute and very very short fantasy for me to read. If you had a fantasy bucket list this would probably be on there.
Misty was cooking in her kitchen. Her new neighbor Rick the firefighter smelt smoke and decided to check out where it was coming from, so he knocks on Misty's door. While at the door an earthquake takes place, leaving Misty a little frighten and scared. To calm her down Rick kisses Misty and in the mist of an earthquake it became really steamy and earth shattering sexually for both Rick and Misty. When it came down to the final seconds of beinging rescued it intensify. Medium explicit sex so be warn.

This was a really fun, nice and quick read.

Storyline: GOOD
Intimacy: GOOD
Enjoyment: FAIR

Beyond Seduction by Stephanie Morris

Beyond Seduction

 Dear Diary,

Beyond Seduction by Stephanie Morris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I gave this read 3 1/2 stars which I still consider a nice read. I thought it was sweet and cute. I did enjoy the start but thought the ending was too easy; honestly for me Trenton stole the show for me. Autumn is 27 years old and is still a virgin and figures she is tired of waiting until marriage. Everyone in her family is married or is getting married which makes her feel more depress. So with the help of Olyvia she decides to go out find a guy to get rid of her virginity. When she did find a guy it didn't go so well because she gets drunk and in comes Eli. Eli is a sweet sexy guy with a son, named Trenton. Eli sees Autumn and thinks she needs recusing because she is drunk. While drunk Autumn decides to tell Eli of her plan and let's him promise to help her find a guy to lose her virginity to.

Of course this backfires because both Eli and Autumn begins to have feelings for each other. Though Autumn is find with having feelings for Eli, he is more reluctant because of what his ex wife did in the past. Again nice read cute story, but it was ok for me. I do enjoy some of the author's books.

Storyline: FAIR
Intimacy: PLEASING
Enjoyment: FAIR

What I didn't include in Review:
I felt like the excitement was missing. If Autumn is going to lose her virginity, let her enjoy herself have a few more enjoyment. I still think it was sweet.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Covers

Dear Diary,

I'm searching through books and came across these 2 book covers. Not sure if I want to read the books though. But I can't help but to admire the hard work and dedication that they must have dealt with to create these covers. hehehe.

I always say a cover can help to make a purchase of a book. I a habit of judging a book by its cover, I shouldn't but I do.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Four Dollars and Fifty-One Cent.

Dear Diary,

I remembered at the age of 14, when I read a book from harlequin Silhouette desire called Four Dollars and Fifty-One Cent by Lass Small. The book was published on December 1, 1990. Back then I thought it was the coolest name for a book and it was a great book. For a 14 year old in 1995 it was cool. I think that was one of my first taste of a romance novel.

My sister was 17 at the time, and I didn't understand why she read these books. One day I annoyed her so much by interrupting her reading she turned to me and said, " get out of my room and read this book" I said "yuck" lol. But I did read it. For a 14 year old I was shocked at what I was reading but I loved it as well, that was it for me. I have been reading romance since then, my mom didn't have too much to say as long as it kept me out of trouble. Romance novels back then aren't what they are now so I might have overreacted a bit lol.

Four Dollars and Fifty-One Cent by Lass Small/ this was my review posted last year.

The truth was, Jan Folger had never really given Junior Busby a second thought--even though he'd lived next door to her for about a million years. But her charity group was holding a bachelor auction. They needed one more eligible man to put on the block...and she supposed Junior would just have to do.

Then the local paper went and ran a photo of the fully grown Junior--wearing jeans and a five o'clock shadow--and suddenly it seemed like every woman in Byford, Indiana, wanted to know him better--a whole lot better. And Jan was starting to wonder if maybe she hadn't overlooked a hot property right there in her own neighborhood ...

Oldies but goodies for me this was one of my favorite books growing up. Of course reading it today didn't have the same effect on me like back then but i still enjoyed that re reading moment not a bad book and I LOVE the title.