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Friday, July 8, 2011

I Wrote This review 1/10/2006 I Feel Sooooo Bad.

Dear Diary,

I wrote both these reviews for the above books on January 10, 2006. I was going over it and kind of felt bad. I always tried to get into Cassie Edward's books, but I never could. I feel bad but I still feel the same way and its a little funny, also excuse the writing back then.

REVIEW for Swift Horse 

After witnessing the murder of her parents at the hands of a one-eyed Indian warrior, Marsha Eveland swore she'd never forgive his people. But then her brother announces plans to marry Soft Wind, beautiful sister of the Creek chieftain Swift Horse. Now, even if she can accept her brother's betrayal, can Marsha come to terms with a new feeling she cannot deny-one that drives her into the arms of that same chieftain?

Let me be the first to review and rate this book and say I thought it was rushed as though the author had not met her deadline for this book. I felt like I was rushing through it like everything was going by and i missed what happen, example swift horse and Marsha did a little flirting but the first time that they actually had a conversation they are already saying I LOVE U! and then they are already talking about marriage and this isn't even the middle of the book yet. The book description states that she is angry for what the Indians did to her parents and feels betrayal from her brother wanting to marry an Indian, believe me she was far from angry. Her brother told her about the marriage and she had a hissy fit after that its like everything was happy go lucky "I'm so happy all the time except for seeing the man who killed my parents". BELIEVE ME THE ONLY THING THAT KEPT ME GOING WAS THE LITTLE ACTION IN THE BOOK that was for the 1 star and the love scene do not get me started on that it was like a love scene between an old couple, it was over quickly. WHAT IS GOING ON its like some pages where missing. This is my fist Cassie Edwards and my first Indian romance novel but i will not say it will be my last she has gotten some good reviews for her other books and will try the others. Maybe some one will think differently when they read this book or maybe its just me after reading the book description my expectation was too high and now my opinion is very low...

 REVIEW for Silver Feather

Book Description:
As a young girl in Mississippi, Diana Turner dreams of marrying her first love, a Choctaw Indian boy named Silver Feather whose family is enslaved by her stepfather. But when Silver Feather's parents are ruthlessly murdered,. She's forced to flee Dettro Manor to save his own life, breaking the young girl's heart.

I THOUGHT IT WAS OK, for me it was just too simple, i did try to like it really i did but for me I  just felt like the first Cassie Edwards i read SWIFT HORSE I  didn't like it . I thought the begin was ok until they found each other then its I love U, I've always loved you lets get married. Your saying after reading that line that that's how romance novels are suppose to be. NO they are not suppose to be like that like everything is always good between couples, they are suppose to have their highs and lows with each other and make you feel like your apart of their emotions or a better way of putting it make you feel like you have connected with them. I didn't feel like that reading this book, Its just too simple I try reading all of it but stopped at chapter 23 and skip to the ending because they pretty much already decided what they were going to do after seeing each other and i didn't want to finish , the action part of the book it made me not want to find out what happens maybe I'm not a true Cassie Edwards fan to appreciate her work. I was really looking forward to adding her to my collection of authors or maybe i just don't get her writing style

I can tell you this much, after the first one that i read my anticipation was LOW for this book so i wasn't really mad... maybe just maybe i will try to read something else of hers and the 3rd times the charm...

I didn't read anymore books after that review. Sorry Cassie Edwards. I'm glad other readers love your work and hope she is doing well.

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tina said...

dont know if i would read a Cassie Edwards anyway