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Saturday, July 9, 2011

EROTICA BOOKS: What some readers are saying

Dear Diary,

Everyone is surely different when it comes to their romance novels. So, I was looking what I could find  about Erotica. I'm on the discussion board for one of the major online book outlets, under another user name of course, I never use my review name on the discussion board. I'm on here scoping out what some people are saying, as I always do. You do see what's in the reader's mind on what they want and have to say on discussion boards. I will post a couple not the whole thing.

I personally think it depends on your mood and how you feel. Sometimes I love my erotica short and to the point or long with a little plot. I think when you change it up a bit that's good. I also think short erotica in ebook formats, length of around 120KB are popular with readers looking for that quickie, of course at a low cost. Below I will post what some readers are saying, but will post without their names or user names of course.


It depends on what I'm in the mood to read, and sometimes on how long I have to read it. If I want a quick erotic read, I'll look for a shorter piece that gets straight to the action. Other times I want the emotional parts to be drawn out more. What I don't care for is a book that calls itself erotica but has maybe one sex scene you'd find in a slightly racy romance novel. If it's labeled erotica, it should have a lot of sexual tension even outside the sex scenes. Otherwise it's just a book with some sex in it.


I prefer a short plot with lots of action.


My favorite length (no pun intended) for a really hot erotic read is about a novella length. Reads less than 10,000 words are fine once in a while.


As a man, I want the forget-the-long-and-drawn-out-setup and give me the good stuff short story.

In my short stories, the characters meet, there's an obvious attraction to each other, they flirt and tease, and they find themselves naked and kissing every inch of each other in an unbridled sexual passion.


I like longer erotica, where I can build a rapport with the characters. I find this makes the sex more believable and intense, and also gives room for some sexual escalation which I find extremely erotic rather than getting everything at once.

READER#6: This was me
A sex scene is what makes an erotica book good, of course with a good plot. But if the plot is good and the sex falls flat then I'm not happy. They both have to balance each other out sex and the plot. I don't think some readers wants a sloppy plot that makes it seems as though the author is just eager to get the the sex. Also imagination is good by the author but nothing where the reader is rolling their eyes.I've seen enough of those.

excuse any  typo

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Iam said...

i love erotica I agree with your posting. they have to balance out each other