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Monday, July 4, 2011

Beyond Seduction by Stephanie Morris

Beyond Seduction

 Dear Diary,

Beyond Seduction by Stephanie Morris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I gave this read 3 1/2 stars which I still consider a nice read. I thought it was sweet and cute. I did enjoy the start but thought the ending was too easy; honestly for me Trenton stole the show for me. Autumn is 27 years old and is still a virgin and figures she is tired of waiting until marriage. Everyone in her family is married or is getting married which makes her feel more depress. So with the help of Olyvia she decides to go out find a guy to get rid of her virginity. When she did find a guy it didn't go so well because she gets drunk and in comes Eli. Eli is a sweet sexy guy with a son, named Trenton. Eli sees Autumn and thinks she needs recusing because she is drunk. While drunk Autumn decides to tell Eli of her plan and let's him promise to help her find a guy to lose her virginity to.

Of course this backfires because both Eli and Autumn begins to have feelings for each other. Though Autumn is find with having feelings for Eli, he is more reluctant because of what his ex wife did in the past. Again nice read cute story, but it was ok for me. I do enjoy some of the author's books.

Storyline: FAIR
Intimacy: PLEASING
Enjoyment: FAIR

What I didn't include in Review:
I felt like the excitement was missing. If Autumn is going to lose her virginity, let her enjoy herself have a few more enjoyment. I still think it was sweet.

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