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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Costly Books and NO offence to any Authors.

Dear Diary,

I wanted to write today about some of the book cost that we the readers purchase. I know authors have to make their money and that's OK and I 100% support that. But after talking to a couple of the readers, the issue that we talk about a lot are the novellas. A reader/friend emailed me some days ago  and said, "I saw a book that's a novella that I want to really read, it says the length is 38KB and the cost is $3.99."  That reader told me she isn't buying it.

From a reader's perspective most of us won't buy a novella with such huge cost, if the length isn't worth the money. Not in this economy anyway. We want to enjoy the books and keep buying them but we also don't want to feel that we aren't getting our money's worth.

I know authors read other books as well as write, but from a reader's point of view who doesn't write and just reads that's how we think. We could also shop around for the deals but some readers wouldn't know where to look or they may not know they can look on the publishing website that published the book.

I do notice some authors put there  books on the free list, some for a couple of weeks others a couple of days. Once they do that to get the readers reviews and buzz they go back to selling the books at regular cost. I think that works but gosh when an author puts their books on the free list the reviewers can be brutal. Readers shop for deals but on amazon we tend to go for the 0.99 cent books, who wouldn't.

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